Classic! I love my bday twin @oprah. So let’s talk about retrogrades. Retrogrades are when planets appear to move backwards when in actuality it isn’t ! It reminds me of when im in the car and the car next to me is moving and I feel like I’m going backwards. There are different types of retrogrades. 
Venus Mercury and Mars ! These planets gravitate towards us more during their retrograde orbit. 
Saturn and Jupiter tend to move away from earth 🌏 
The retrogrades this year are in Mercury , Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Mercury retrograde dates are 2/17-3/10, 6/18-7/12, 10/14-11/3 mercury is the ruler of communication hence why it’s extremely important to express yourself fully during mercury retrograde! It’s also important to make sure that you understand others fully during this time because things may not appear as they say due to mishaps in communication NOT because they are trying to trick you ! Mercury is super important for social media influencers, writers, musician, speakers, therapists, astrologers and travelers let’s not forget people who work in marketing and sales for a living :D be clear and concise with your communication I would suggest carrying a crystal that is good for communication and opening the throat chakra, my favorite is sodalite. 
Venus retrograde dates are 5/13-6/25 and Venus is the ruler of love! The signs that are dominated by Venus are taurus and libra. Venus sheds a spotlight on the things that you love. During a Venus retrograde it will appear like the love life, the finances are wonky. Sometimes this retrograde will have a profound impact on your heart causing you to face old fears, traumas and things that you have not released face to face. This retrograde will have you questioning what you will and will not tolerate in a relationship. If you happen to land in a relationship during this time, the relationship may he the most trying relationship you will experience. It is best to stay clear of relationships until this period is over. This is also not the time to make changes to your appearance. Don't cut your hair just yet or get that plastic surgery. 
Mars retrograde dates are 9/9-11/12 (look at those synchronicities! Mars affects us in a profound way because it is our catalyst to get things done! Mars also is the ruler of Scorpio and Aries. It will be important to check the placements of Scorpio and Aries in your chart to see what areas in your life are being tested. Mars brings out our flight or fight ... typically fight... survival of the fittest. It is interesting that we will be in Mars retrograde during election time. This will be a profound time for the United States of America.. Mars can stir the pot in anger and frustration. Honestly Mars is the planet to put both of those ingredients in one pot and stir it vigorously.  I would definitely advise during this time you use root chakra stones and stay grounded it will be an extremely bumpy ride and the elections will be the catalyst for strange things to occur. 
Jupiter retrograde dates are 5/14-9/12 and it is the ruler of the ninth and twelfth houses. The zodiac signs most affected by Jupiter are Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter taps right into your spiritual journey. This will highlight what is lacking, how much you have learned and if you are ready to go through a new journey of enlightenment. During this time the expansion and growth that is happening is at a record high. Notice that there is a shift in consciousness right now. Across the United States people are looking for a different meaning to the word spirituality and to life in general. Some of us are on a new path due to the recent events and the social climate and others were just called to walk the non-traditional path of spirituality. This retrograde will assist you in questioning the current rules that are set in place especially if they challenge your spiritual journey. During this time you will reach new levels in your spiritual journey that will either enhance your journey or cause you to question where you are in life at this time. During this time your faith will be tested immensely but the growth that follows shortly thereafter will shock you. So take some time to complete introspection, the year 2020 literally gave us the opportunity to do the introspection and self actualization needed with no interruptions due to the economic shut down. Use it, you will need it once Mars goes into retrograde. 
Saturn retrograde dates are 5/11-9/29 and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. During the Saturn retrograde you will see Aquarius and Capricorns peak in their journey, most time receiving immense blessings if they have put in the necessary work and balanced their karmic debts prior to the retrograde. Saturn helps you with realizing the truth in everything while resurfacing lessons that you needed to learn. Be sure to journal during this time, the information given to you during a Saturn retrograde can be used for years or centuries to come. Saturn encourages improvement in the lives of all. During this time you will want to look at your life and see where improvement was made and what else you can do to assist in your journey of enlightenment. 
Uranus retrograde dates are 8/15-1/14 (next year) and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the wild child of the crew allowing for the "out of norm" to occur, innovative ideas, new revolutions and people seeking liberation to have a profound voice. Take note the dates are leading up to election and end right after the elections. Again this presidential race will be one for the books and it is highly likely that people will make a drastic change in our political elections this year. During this time I would suggest that you stay grounded, pray daily, carry root chakra crystals and eat foods that have roots in the ground. Uranus is literally saying either you can change or stay stagnant pick one but you can't split the fence. Uranus is a planet that changes the way you view things and pushes the envelope on what we knew to be true. Uranus can also cause a little bit of chaotic energy. I can't emphasize enough to stay grounded during this time. Uranus has two sides to it just like Gemini on one hand it can bring clarity and encourages you to let go of aspects that no longer serve your highest good while encouraging your ego. The opposite end of the candle stick Uranus can be a little explosive when breakthroughs happen during this time and it is very abrupt, in your face but needed. Sometimes the retrograde shows us a more calm side of of Uranus allowing us to integrate new information so that we can make sense of it and use it to our advantage in a manageable way.
Neptune retrograde dates are 6/22-11/28 she is the ruler of Pisces and has a feminine feel like its counterpart Venus. Neptune brings a togetherness that is needed. She will highlight our delusions, negative traits and how we cope with loss. At times Neptune can allow us to have our head in the clouds and fall victim to deceptions, basically the star tarot card. Be sure to not have your head in the clouds during this time, face the facts and do not throw yourself into your work life ignoring everything else. We become a tad obsessed with fixing things during this time and neglecting other areas in our life. Neptune also takes us into a realm of timelessness where time seems to disappear. If Neptune is not in retrograde we may not see things for what they really are but once retrograding we will start to see things in a totally different perspective. During this time pay close attention to your dreams as well. You will start to look for "more meaning" in everything allow this process to happen it will help you with your ascension process. 
Pluto retrograde dates are 4/25-10/4 and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Scorpio is the darkest part in a lot of us highlighting rebirth, renewal, occult, power and sex. During this time your ideas of the topics listed in the previous sentence will be challenged immensely. Notice we started to receive the number of deaths due to Covid around the beginning of April. We as a collective started to understand death in a different manner. If you had a fear/phobia of death it has been brought to the fore front and you were made to deal with your fears. You were made to understand the transmutation of death and how to see this in a different light. During this time you guys will experience a lot of dark thoughts, issues, your shadows. This is the perfect time to do shadow work regarding the things that are taboo to you. Uranus is bring them from the subconscious to the conscious. During this time you need to balance yourself with a lot of light. Be sure to listen to high vibrational music, read, meditate, transmute your feelings into lesson, play gospel music if needed. Pluto retrograde is highlighting all your darkest parts of you and it is important that you embrace these parts of you but redirect them into a meaningful experience. You cannot have light without darkness, Yin and Yang. Do not let darkness consume you because you will sink into the darkest night of your soul.... the sunken place and it will take a lot for you to come back into your harmonious balance. 

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