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Danis Bailey, MSW, MFT is a graduate from University of Central Florida with a Masters degree in Social Work and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Danis is certified in Marriage and Family Therapy, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Herbalism and Motivational Life Coaching. Danis Bailey is known by her social media identity Goddess Caleasia. Danis Bailey is a holistic healer that is on a mission to help other individuals live their best life, through physical wellness, improved mental health and spiritual enlightenment.
Current Listing of books on the market in chronological order
Spiritual Lessons: I married the same lesson twice 2019
Start your business with a vision, a prayer and less than 300 dollars 2019
Manifest your best life Perquisites for living your best life 2019
You had 99 problems but a spell ain't one 2020
2020 Vision 2020 
Pandemic Poetry: Thoughts of a Millennial 2020