Southern Hospitality Spirituality + UPDATES

This is a class you do not want to miss! This class will be a three day class 1 hour for each class.

Patreon Members can attend class 1/2 off

Here is the curriculum, please purchase a notebook or new journal for class. 


Day 1

Introduction - Understanding tribes, african spirituality, what is hoodoo/african spirituality, LOAS, Orishas and boundaries


DAY 2  (2.5 hour class, with breaks)

How to - ancestral connection, cleanse, Baths, floor washes, uncross, protect, reverse, candles, petitions, spells, honey jars oils, herbs, sun, moon, elements and relics


Day 3 

Receiving Dreams, divination, cards, downloads, automatic writing, lucid dreaming 


This class in total will be 5 hours approximately, afterwards you will receive a certificate of completion and there is a online test plus downloadable PDF

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